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White Noise Hefeweizen
Golden Ticket
Pink Slip
Split Window Amber
Alpha Force IPA
Hi-Line Porter
Humulus Insani
Black Hops 2
Alt 0220


Mark and Jason
Uberbrew partners Mark Hastings, (left), and Jason Shroyer – Photo by Ed Kemmick/Last Best News

Überbrew is proud to partner with the Fort Collins Brewery in bringing our beer to a wider audience. The term “Contract Brewed” carries many meanings today. For us, it is a way to gain greater volume and consistency with our product. Thanks to the amazing facility and brew team at Fort Collins Brewery. It also means we can produce a wider variety of specialty beers on our small 10 barrel system.

Join us for a pint at our brewery at 2305 Montana Avenue Billings Montana or check out our online virtual tour.

Thank you for your support and remember to share us with a good friend! ~ Mark and Jason